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April joke or what? Mullah Omar can contest Afghanistan election, says Karzai

Saw a news clip where Hamid Karzai says that Mullah Omar can contest Afghanistan election. The only problem is that no one has seen or heard from Mullah Omar for many years now. Second problem is that Taliban has never accepted the constitution of Afghanistan that has been dictated by Northern Alliance together with “Invading Nations”. Looking back to the previous elections we can remember that Taliban banned and attacked voters going to voting stations. How likely will it be that Mullah Omar will take part in Afghanistan’s elections?


BERLIN: Afghan President Hamid Karzai has told a German newspaper that Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar could run for president in elections next year.

Karzai’s government has agreed the Taliban can open an office in Qatar if the group breaks all ties with al Qaeda and renounces terrorism. Karzai was in Qatar Sunday to discuss the issue.

Karzai said in an interview published Tuesday by the German daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung that authorities have “sporadic contacts” with the Taliban. He said that the Afghan constitution is valid for all Afghans and “the Taliban also should benefit from it.”

Asked whether Mullah Omar should seek the presidency, Karzai was quoted as saying: “He can become a candidate for the presidency and give Afghans the opportunity to vote for or against him.”

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