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All Afghanistan National Accord (AANA)

Found a quite interesting article written by Mohammed Daud Miraki.

The sociopolitical experimentation in Afghanistan that has begun on October 7, 2001 under the guise of democracy has deprived Afghans of their basic human rights and slaughtered countless. This catastrophe was facilitated and continues through a symbiotic relationship between US-NATO and criminal elements within Afghanistan with pseudopolitical organizations. These criminal elements used to preach puritanical existence to
control the masses but in reality they replaced spiritual hunger for material greed represented by the US Dollar.

The time has come to redefine the sociopolitical landscape of All Afghanistan situated between the Oxus and Indus Rivers and save this nation from these barbaric experimentations that lasted for over 10 years. This could only happen through a larger sociopolitical accord. This contract defines the relationship between the sovereign and the governed and among the governed themselves. This new sociopolitical approach is critical for the national survival of All Afghanistan. We at All Afghanistan National Accord (AANA) propose the followings:

All Afghanistan National Accord (PDF-file)

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