US secret meeting in Berlin at the Aspen Institute with Afghan Warlords

The United States has agreed in principle to release high-ranking Taliban officials from Guantánamo Bay in Cuba in return for the Afghan insurgents’ agreement to open a political office in Qatar for peace negotiations.  Meanwhile is the US negotiating with the Northern Alliance warlords who were invited to a meeting in Berlin in January 9 at the Aspen Institute. The Warlords met with a group of four members of the U.S. House of Representatives for private talks. The label for the meeting was:

Representatives from the Northern Alliance:
Dr. Abdullah Abduallah Head of the National Coalition for Hope and Change
General Abdul Rashid Dostum Leader, National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan
Mohammad Karim Khalili Leader, Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan
Ahmad Zia Massoud Chairman, National Front
Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq Leader, People’s Unity Party of Afghanistan
Ustad Atta Mohammad Noor Governor of Balkh Province
Yunus Qanuni Former Speaker, Wolesi Jirga
Amrullah Saleh Former Director, National Security Directorate
Hussain Yasa Chairman, Afghanistan Group of Newspapers
Faizullah Zaki Vice Chairman, National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan

Rumors on various websites claim that the agenda for the meeting was to develop a federal system and state.  By gathering warlords and leaders of all minority groups from Afghanistan and excluding the majority ethnic group, the outcome will never be welcomed by Afghans. Afghans will not allow anyone, for its own political and economic intentions to develop scenarios and make decisions for Afghanistan as a nation.  These war criminals that is responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent people and who have gained from the conflict by filling their own pockets are not considered as representatives for the Afghans. These leaders should instead be directed to the Haag Tribunal to stand trial for their acts. These types of meetings will in no way accelerate the peace process but only undermine it since the decisions are made with war criminals.

US_Meeting_In_Berlin (PDF,File with list of the participants)


The Pashtuns of Afghanistan : Everyone gets in trouble here

After reading an interesting article at New York Times titled: “The Pashtuns of Afghanistan : Alexander the Great also got in trouble here” I could not agree more.
I have previously mentioned that USA and NATO made a huge mistake when rapidly ousting the Talibans and replacing the bandits of the north, so called Northern Alliance into power. With a better knowledge of the history of the Afghans it’s clear that fighting with Afghans is not an easy task. Others have tried and failed. The reason to why no one can fight in Afghanistan is because of its people in the south. Pashtun fighters have always been impossible to break down. Taliban soldiers consisted mostly from the southern regions of Afghanistan. Its troops were mainly Pashtun soldiers.

Many will claim that there was an ethnic fighting going in inside Afghanistan during the Taliban era. But in fact the Taliban never favored any ethnic group. At least not the Pashtun people. Taliban main ambition was to oust all criminal gangs and groups from Afghanistan to create an Emirate where people could live in peace. Neighboring countries interference made it possible for internal fighting could continue by providing money and weapons to the Northern Alliance as well as the Taliban movement were hijacked by Pakistani ISI. This is the reason to why most of the senior Taliban figures have fled to Pakistan.

Now when ten years of fighting has been going on in Afghanistan and NATO, USA and many other countries are trying to fight the Talibans it’s obvious that the mission has failed. This is due to the fact that Pashtun people will never accept foreign troops on its soil.