Pakistan’s double game

It’s amazing to see how Pakistan is trying to play with us all by threatening NATO/US forces in Afghanistan by upgrading its air defense on the Afghan border. We have to remember that Pakistan is getting huge amount of money to allow US/NATO forces to use Pakistani ground for its drones and for allowing supplies passing in to Afghanistan. Nothing seems to surprise us any longer from Pakistan. It’s acting as a starved dog barking at its master (the Americans). Continue reading “Pakistan’s double game”

Pakistan’s ISI: Undermining Afghan self-determination since 1948

Recent news linking Pakistan’s Inter-services Intelligence (ISI) unit to Islamic militants really isn’t news at all, because these reports are simply derivatives of the same story that’s plagued Afghanistan since the spy agency was founded by British Major General William Cawthorne in 1948, when Pakistan also inherited Britain’s “forward policy” of using Afghanistan as a pawn in achieving certain geopolitical interests.

In Britain’s case Afghanistan served as a buffer against Russian advances while the ISI used the Afghan homeland to employ Pakistan’s “strategic depth” doctrine to offset India’s size and military superiority, covertly training and using religiously-motivated warriors from the Pashtun tribal belt during three wars with India – albeit to no avail. Continue reading “Pakistan’s ISI: Undermining Afghan self-determination since 1948”