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Pakistan and ISI was hiding Osama bin Laden

I have been saying this for the last ten years that Pakistan is hiding Osama bin Laden inside Pakistan. But I must admit that I never thought that Pakistan would hide Osama inside Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. More precisely in Abbottabad close to a military base. Isn’t this a huge embarrassment to Pakistan and ISI, its intelligent service? No matter how much they deny its innocence and unawareness the fact remains that Osama bin Laden was living in a multi-million dollar compound in Islamabad.  They are housing terrorist bases and training camps inside Pakistan and sends them to Afghanistan to continue the process of destabilizing Afghanistan as long as they can.

Some speculations says that Osama bin Laden’s house was guarded by Pakistani military and that the American helicopter that crashed was in fact shot down by the Pakistani military.

It is obvious to everyone that it was Pakistan who created the Taliban’s and even now to this very day, Pakistan is giving safe heaven to most of the top figures of the Taliban inside Pakistan.  Mullah Omar will be for sure be found in Karachi alongside with other to Taliban leaders and commanders.

ISI thinks that it can fool the world by playing innocent and act as a victim but the fact remains that this very agency is nurturing terrorists and Taliban’s inside Pakistan.

Pakistan is not a friend of the west and indeed not a friend of the Americans or its neighboring countries such as Afghanistan and India.  The west should secure Pakistan nuclear weapons and isolate it as much as possible in order to secure the region and the world from terrorists.


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