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Afghan ambassador in Kuwait and his peculation

Warlord Qasim Fahim and the so called President Hamid Karzai

Warlord Qasim Fahim and the so called President Hamid Karzai

Each year the government of Kuwait gives out several different scholarships directed to the higher education office in Afghanistan aimed for the different educational programs in Afghanistan.

It appears that students presented to the universities in Kuwait are in many cases disqualified for these seats. Many of them whom haven’t even started their higher education but still are given the opportunity to take part in these scholarships.

The current Afghan ambassador for Kuwait Mr Asadullah Hanif who is recognized for his close relations with the Northern Alliance and more precisely with the warlord and vice president Qasim Fahim is nurturing his own and his master’s interests.

The first thing he did when seated as ambassador in Kuwait was to direct the various scholarships intended for students in Afghanistan to his own family members and his own ethnical group (tadjiks).

Some of his own family members turned out to be minors and not even reached the right age for higher education.

What is more annoying is that some of the scholarships were given to Iranian students who has lived and studied in Iran.

By arranging fake papers with modified information about age and educational level, Mr Asadullah Hanif has managed to provide his own family and ethnical group a seat on universities in Kuwait that was intended for students in Afghanistan.

This is yet another confirmation about how scattered nepotism is in Afghanistan. The Northern Alliance continues to oppress and exclude other ethnical groups which prevent the ethnical groups to overcome differences. The corruption is promoted by vice president Qasim Fahim and his Northern Alliance and is spread to the various ministries and embassies worldwide. Corruption and warlordism has historically never been accepted by anyone and seeing Mr Asadullah Hanif obvious contravention will only accelerate the revolt.

We urge the people of Afghanistan to raise their voices and ask for justice and fairness. We urge the president Hamid Karzai to investigate and dismiss the ambassador and his companions. We urge transparency in the government to prevent corruption and unjust treatment of its citizens. The current government of Afghanistan is obvious not working for its people but is more interested in lining its own pockets.

Afghan Unification Committee


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