Why Should Taliban and Other Insurgents Refrain from Negotiation With the US & NATO?

With the war in Afghanistan becoming a decade old, the rhetoric of peace and negotiation has been widespread including President Obama’s desire to negotiate with “moderate elements” of Taliban. This mushrooming of desire for negotiations has several reasons. First, the war in Afghanistan has become the longest war fought in the US history, prompting the former Allied Commander General McChrystal to call it “a bleeding ulcer”. Such a statement is not unusual for leaders of a losing war; after all, the former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev also called their losing war in Afghanistan “the bleeding wound”. Second, the economic and human costs have been more than what the US and her allies of some 45 countries could endure. Especially, the rise in casualties tilted public opinion in the US and Europe in favor of ending this conflict. Third, the US has finally realized what it should have known long ago that the war in Afghanistan is not winnable. Furthermore, the US finds itself in a similar position as the former Soviet Union and is stuck in a losing quagmire.

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Afghan ambassador in Kuwait and his peculation

Warlord Qasim Fahim and the so called President Hamid Karzai
Warlord Qasim Fahim and the so called President Hamid Karzai

Each year the government of Kuwait gives out several different scholarships directed to the higher education office in Afghanistan aimed for the different educational programs in Afghanistan.

It appears that students presented to the universities in Kuwait are in many cases disqualified for these seats. Many of them whom haven’t even started their higher education but still are given the opportunity to take part in these scholarships.

The current Afghan ambassador for Kuwait Mr Asadullah Hanif who is recognized for his close relations with the Northern Alliance and more precisely with the warlord and vice president Qasim Fahim is nurturing his own and his master’s interests.

The first thing he did when seated as ambassador in Kuwait was to direct the various scholarships intended for students in Afghanistan to his own family members and his own ethnical group (tadjiks).

Some of his own family members turned out to be minors and not even reached the right age for higher education.

What is more annoying is that some of the scholarships were given to Iranian students who has lived and studied in Iran.

By arranging fake papers with modified information about age and educational level, Mr Asadullah Hanif has managed to provide his own family and ethnical group a seat on universities in Kuwait that was intended for students in Afghanistan.

This is yet another confirmation about how scattered nepotism is in Afghanistan. The Northern Alliance continues to oppress and exclude other ethnical groups which prevent the ethnical groups to overcome differences. The corruption is promoted by vice president Qasim Fahim and his Northern Alliance and is spread to the various ministries and embassies worldwide. Corruption and warlordism has historically never been accepted by anyone and seeing Mr Asadullah Hanif obvious contravention will only accelerate the revolt.

We urge the people of Afghanistan to raise their voices and ask for justice and fairness. We urge the president Hamid Karzai to investigate and dismiss the ambassador and his companions. We urge transparency in the government to prevent corruption and unjust treatment of its citizens. The current government of Afghanistan is obvious not working for its people but is more interested in lining its own pockets.

Afghan Unification Committee


The Afghans will never forget!

In Kabul in 2001 I was sent with a unit to meet with an Afghan government minister. We had to explain that we weren’t Russian, we were British. As soon as we did he rounded on us and shouted: British? You burned down the covered market! My first thought was s***, what have the Paras done now? I apologised and we got on with the meeting. Back at base I asked who had burned down the market. Blank faces all round, until someone at the back said he thought we had burned down the covered market. In 1842.

Warrant Officer, 1 Mechanised Brigade


Imitate the Israeli way when dealing with terrorists in Afghanistan

Afghans have had engouh of death from both sides. Taliban who are sent from their masters in Pakistan to spread kaos and death among civilians inside Afghanistan has reached a new level. Inside Afghanistan the ISAF forces are killing innocent children and bombing civilian villages claiming they are attacking Talibans. If the intention is to attack and prevent Taliban troops inside Afghanistan they should rather focus on the source that is feeding Talibans. The fight should be moved to Pakistan and Iran and not being a fighting arena inside Afghanistan where civilians are targeted in-between.
Another thing that should be imitated from the Israeli forces when being attacked from Hamas is that the family of the offender should be prosecuted and jailed for the terror act committed. Their assets should be freezed and taken from them.
The implementation of Pashtoonwali should act as a guideline where vendettas are a natural process alongside with the regular law.

Apology for Afghan child deaths

Locals angered by deadly air raid in Kunar province which NATO has blamed on “faulty communication”
Nine children have been killed in a NATO air raid in Afghanistan’s Kunar province. They were out collecting firewood on Tuesday when they were struck down in the Pech valley area.
Military officials attributed the incident to faulty communication when troops responded to an attack on a NATO base. General David Petraeus, the international forces commander, has personally apologised to Hamid Karzai, the Afghan president, for the deaths.

Speaking over a secure video conference link on Wednesday, Karzai told Barack Obama, the US president, that civilian casualties are a serious problem that needs to be better addressed by the US-led forces.

Civilian casualties have long been a source of friction between the NATO force and Karzai, who condemned the Kunar incident, saying the victims were “innocent children who were collecting firewood for their families during this cold winter”.

Afghan officials say as many as 65 civilians were killed in another air raid in February, claims that Petraeus have denied.
Al Jazeera’s Sue Turton visited the village in Pech valley where the latest deaths occurred. Viewers may find some of the images disturbing.

Source: Al Jazeera