Wrong Afghan anthem was played at the 16th Asian Games

During the opening ceremony of the 16th Asian Games, each country enters the arena along with its national anthem. When the afghan team entered the arena one could hear that the national anthem of Afghanistan was replaced by a tune that is recognized for Northern Alliance and its national and ethnical melody.

The scandal was a fact and the president of the Afghan Olympic Committee Mr Mohammad ZAHER AGHBAR is the one who has decided to play this specific tune instead of the national anthem of Afghanistan. This was done to provoke and to spread the hatred when ever possible. This also shows the weakness of the afghan government. Not even the Asian Games was spared of the tug-of-war where Northern Alliance and warlords are fighting for the power and will take every chance to provoke and humiliate the Afghan people.

Mr Mohammad ZAHER AGHBAR should be prosecuted and questioned why the national anthem was replaced by a Northern Alliance tune and with an immediate removal from the Olympic Committee.
This offensive act is not only offending the people of Afghanistan but also acts in direct contravention with the afghan constitution.

I urge all the sportsmen and sportswomen participating in the Asian games to act against Mr Mohammad ZAHER AGHBAR and his provocative Northern Alliance tune and request the national anthem of Afghanistan to be played. If you are representing Afghanistan then the national anthem of Afghanistan should be played when standing on the podium.

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