Russia in cooperation with NATO in Afghanistan

Defeated Soviet troops leaves Afghanistan
Defeated Soviet troops leaves Afghanistan

The recent news regarding Russian military operations in northern Afghanistan is yet another confirmation about the desperate situation NATO and the US forces are in.

NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen is trying to involve Russia in the Afghan conflict by summarizing it as “a new start in the relationship between NATO and Russia”.

The resistance forces and the general public in Afghanistan has during the nine year old occupation yet another reason to oppose and intensify its military operations against the foreign forces. Afghans have not forgotten Soviet Union’s brutal occupation where millions of Afghans were killed and millions Afghans had to take refugee in neighboring countries. If NATO thinks that this is yet another way to ease the heavy burden they are currently involved in, they think wrong.

Northern Alliance troops inhumane actions in Afghanistan
Afghans will never forget the brutal actions of Northern Alliance

Since the current government in Afghanistan consists of former communists and old friends of Russia such as Fahim, Rabbani, Dostum, in fact the entire Northern Alliance, it won’t stand up against this new initiative. But the people will for sure step up and once again take to weapons to oust foreign troops from Afghanistan. I’m quite sure that the Afghan resistance forces will succeed and pray to God that the corrupt government including the Northern Alliance will taste the Afghan public anger this time as well.

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