Open letter to Hamid Karzai

“Your Excellency Hamid Karzai,
President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
As you may be aware, during the current 2010 Asian Games held in China, a
provocative ethnic music was played instead of the Afghan National Anthem. This
shows a clear threat to the unity, prosperity, security and peace in
Afghanistan. Whoever is responsible for this action should be brought to
justice. This has created a wide spread outcry among Afghans of all ethnicities.
The Afghan Ambassador to China and the Afghan Olympic Committee should be
investigated and an immediate inquiry should be launched into this matter. This
will test the Afghan government’s willingness to implement rule of law and
prosecute those who disrupt national peace.
We are looking forward to your statement on this Issue, and we will bring it to
the attention of the National Assembly, and file a case with the Attorney
General of Afghanistan.
Sarwar Ahmedzai

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