Open letter to Hamid Karzai

“Your Excellency Hamid Karzai,
President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
As you may be aware, during the current 2010 Asian Games held in China, a
provocative ethnic music was played instead of the Afghan National Anthem. This
shows a clear threat to the unity, prosperity, security and peace in
Afghanistan. Whoever is responsible for this action should be brought to
justice. This has created a wide spread outcry among Afghans of all ethnicities.
The Afghan Ambassador to China and the Afghan Olympic Committee should be
investigated and an immediate inquiry should be launched into this matter. This
will test the Afghan government’s willingness to implement rule of law and
prosecute those who disrupt national peace.
We are looking forward to your statement on this Issue, and we will bring it to
the attention of the National Assembly, and file a case with the Attorney
General of Afghanistan.
Sarwar Ahmedzai

Wrong Afghan anthem was played at the 16th Asian Games

During the opening ceremony of the 16th Asian Games, each country enters the arena along with its national anthem. When the afghan team entered the arena one could hear that the national anthem of Afghanistan was replaced by a tune that is recognized for Northern Alliance and its national and ethnical melody.

The scandal was a fact and the president of the Afghan Olympic Committee Mr Mohammad ZAHER AGHBAR is the one who has decided to play this specific tune instead of the national anthem of Afghanistan. This was done to provoke and to spread the hatred when ever possible. This also shows the weakness of the afghan government. Not even the Asian Games was spared of the tug-of-war where Northern Alliance and warlords are fighting for the power and will take every chance to provoke and humiliate the Afghan people.

Mr Mohammad ZAHER AGHBAR should be prosecuted and questioned why the national anthem was replaced by a Northern Alliance tune and with an immediate removal from the Olympic Committee.
This offensive act is not only offending the people of Afghanistan but also acts in direct contravention with the afghan constitution.

I urge all the sportsmen and sportswomen participating in the Asian games to act against Mr Mohammad ZAHER AGHBAR and his provocative Northern Alliance tune and request the national anthem of Afghanistan to be played. If you are representing Afghanistan then the national anthem of Afghanistan should be played when standing on the podium.

What the Afghans want

I recently read a good article and would like to share it because it touches some of the aspects that I have been writing on this blog. I


What the Afghans Want
Source: OpEdNews By: Paul Fitzgerald

Nearly a year into the Obama administration’s new AfPak strategy the only thing that is clear is that it’s not working. Little has changed except the severity of the insurgency. General Petraeus has shifted back to a confused mix of counterterrorism and counterinsurgency (that failed the first time); backing “reconciliation” talks with Taliban leaders while pounding them with overwhelming firepower in the hopes of getting a better deal at the bargaining table.

The war in Afghanistan

Matthew Green of the Financial Times doesn’t believe the conditions exist for reconciliation given that, “The Taliban and allied Haqqani network, hunkered down in Pakistani havens, believe they can outlast the west.” According to David Ignatius at the Washington Post, this “strategy” derives from the idea “that wars in tribal societies are inevitably a mix of talk and shoot,” and “With Petraeus in the political-military driver’s seat, he can steer a process to push the disparate Taliban groups toward a political settlement.”

Never mind that the same basic approach of bomb and talk proved useless in Vietnam.
The North Vietnamese knew the U.S. would have to give up and go home for domestic political reasons just like the French had before them. The only difference between the two was the delusional conviction that the U.S. had a workable technological solution when it was actually fighting a war in didn’t understand. Neither has Washington caught up with the fact that General Petraeus’s strategy of making back-channel deals with insurgents as he did in Iraq simply disintegrates in favor of Al Qaeda and fractured tribal politics once the pressure of American firepower is withdrawn. Then there is the issue of Pakistan’s support for the very same extremists that the U.S. is trying to defeat. Can Petraeus really hope to work with Pakistan as an ally while still overcoming their assumption that they have a right to control Afghanistan’s internal politics and foreign policy?

In the minds of Washington’s most influential Beltway pundits, General Petraeus’s strategy of ushering in Taliban factions and despised rebel leaders like Gulbuddin Hekmatyar for reconciliation into the government of Hamid Karzai is a stroke of genius because it gets the U.S. out of a bad jam. In reality, it is a plan that will ultimately make the administration’s current predicament and its frustrations with the corrupt Karzai government seem like a walk in the park. From 1973 to the present, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar has been nurtured and supported by a host of outsiders including Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the United States and China whose ultimate goal is to reshape the ethnic-political and religious structure of Central Asia. But despite that support, his failure resulted in civil war and the creation of a Taliban movement from Pakistan that outdid Hekmatyar’s extremism with new levels of violence.

Reconciliation itself isn’t the problem. Giving reconciled criminals a legitimate place in the Afghan government who are paid by foreign interests, are directed by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate and have never been held to account for their crimes against the Afghan people is the problem.

As Khalil Nouri of the New World Strategies Coalition, an Afghan-American organization seeking to implement a de-militarized tribal solution to the conflict puts it, “If this is the reality, then can reconciliation work? The Answer is “NO’ it will never work in the long term; first the country has not healed from its past 35 years of war, the ethnic divide has widened and has complicated the path to nationalism, and there is not a unifier figurehead to calm the country down.”

Nouri believes that the only solution that will work before NATO withdraws its troops is a traditional Afghan tribal council (Jirga) free of the kind of outside interference that brought Hamid Karzai and the warlords to power in 2002. The irony remains that today’s crisis occurred not because the Jirga failed, but because the will of the Jirga was overridden by the political desires of the Bush administration.

Nouri foresees that if this “All Afghan Jirga,” is assembled by Afghans for Afghans it can return Afghanistan to a stable state by creating a traditional government that is acceptable to all Afghans regardless of their tribal or ethnic affiliations.

According to Nouri, “The Taliban will succeed in ruling neither the country, proven by their reign from 1996 to 2001 nor the puppet government of Hamid Karzai. Nor will the Northern Alliance’s endeavor bear any fruit. Afghans who brainstorm together on how to coexist in an “All Afghan Jirga” can neutralize the warlord’s grip on power by restoring memories of a time when Afghanistan’s own political process enabled the people to live in harmony and peace.”

As the U.S. and NATO countries attempt to force-fit another ill-considered solution onto a tribal Afghanistan plagued with social unrest by ushering the “Taliban Elite” into Kabul for Peace Talks, it might do well to recall that western nations were once tribal too and are now in an advanced stage of suffering from what the 1960s pop guru and social prophet, Marshall McLuhan referred to as “re-tribalization.”

McLuhan spoke in a 1969 Playboy interview. “As man is tribally metamorphosed by the electric media, we all become Chicken Littles, scurrying around frantically in search of our former identities, and in the process unleash tremendous violence. As the preliterate confronts the literate in the postliterate arena, as new information patterns inundate and uproot the old, mental breakdowns of varying degreesincluding the collective nervous breakdowns of whole societies unable to resolve their crises of identitywill become very common.”

As domestic protests grow over the failure of globalist economic policies within the same western countries that seek to impose their will on Afghanistan, the time may have come to accept that whatever the outcome of the latest effort to make “peace” with the Taliban, it will not succeed until the Afghan people are allowed to make their own choices through a system of their own choosing and not someone else’s.

Russia in cooperation with NATO in Afghanistan

Defeated Soviet troops leaves Afghanistan
Defeated Soviet troops leaves Afghanistan

The recent news regarding Russian military operations in northern Afghanistan is yet another confirmation about the desperate situation NATO and the US forces are in.

NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen is trying to involve Russia in the Afghan conflict by summarizing it as “a new start in the relationship between NATO and Russia”.

The resistance forces and the general public in Afghanistan has during the nine year old occupation yet another reason to oppose and intensify its military operations against the foreign forces. Afghans have not forgotten Soviet Union’s brutal occupation where millions of Afghans were killed and millions Afghans had to take refugee in neighboring countries. If NATO thinks that this is yet another way to ease the heavy burden they are currently involved in, they think wrong.

Northern Alliance troops inhumane actions in Afghanistan
Afghans will never forget the brutal actions of Northern Alliance

Since the current government in Afghanistan consists of former communists and old friends of Russia such as Fahim, Rabbani, Dostum, in fact the entire Northern Alliance, it won’t stand up against this new initiative. But the people will for sure step up and once again take to weapons to oust foreign troops from Afghanistan. I’m quite sure that the Afghan resistance forces will succeed and pray to God that the corrupt government including the Northern Alliance will taste the Afghan public anger this time as well.