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A president who neglects his own people by not communicating on their language

Recently we have seen some of the speeches that President Hamid Karzai has made publicly to the nation broadcasted live on TV. These speeches have been made exclusively in Persian language. One can only conclude that he prefers to deliver to the Persian speaking people, the very one he grips tight to his heart and the ones he surround himself with in his corrupted government. The exclusion of the majority of the afghan people is a clear sign of what path both the president himself and his government is following.

The recent ban of Pashto websites benawa.com and tolafghan.com is a confirmation of this act. By ignoring and excluding 50% of the afghan population will certainly come with consequences. A racist and ethnically monotone government with common goal to exclude and degrade Pashto language, people and culture can not be accepted by the afghan people. Enough is enough!

Why can’t the world see that the warlords are stealing money from international donors? These warlords can not only hide the blood money in their own banks but transfers the money to other countries as well. When will this money be tracked and blacklisted?

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