Warlord to create peace in Afghanistan?

Hamid Karzai never seems to surprise us when presenting Burhanuddin Rabbani, a former Tadjik warlord as the chairman of a new peace council. The intention is to invite Taliban to peace negotiations. This warlord is the very one who is responsible for thousands of deaths in the war between Taliban and the Northern Alliance (Tadjiks, Hazara and Uzbeks). Now Hamid Karzai thinks that Rabbani is capable of enticing Talibans to peace negotiations? This is just another way of deluding the western countries and NATO forces. How tempted do you believe that Taliban are to hold peace talks with a warlord and a criminal leader as Burhanuddin Rabbani?

 The High Peace Council is doomed to fail since the best before date for Rabbani has passed the same day he was ousted as president of Afghanistan. The only place that is suitable for Rabbani is be prosecuted for the war crimes he has committed during and after his six month time as the president of Afghanistan. A more in depth inspection of the wealth of Burhannudin Rabbani and his relatives would be in place.

A president who neglects his own people by not communicating on their language

Recently we have seen some of the speeches that President Hamid Karzai has made publicly to the nation broadcasted live on TV. These speeches have been made exclusively in Persian language. One can only conclude that he prefers to deliver to the Persian speaking people, the very one he grips tight to his heart and the ones he surround himself with in his corrupted government. The exclusion of the majority of the afghan people is a clear sign of what path both the president himself and his government is following.

The recent ban of Pashto websites benawa.com and tolafghan.com is a confirmation of this act. By ignoring and excluding 50% of the afghan population will certainly come with consequences. A racist and ethnically monotone government with common goal to exclude and degrade Pashto language, people and culture can not be accepted by the afghan people. Enough is enough!

Why can’t the world see that the warlords are stealing money from international donors? These warlords can not only hide the blood money in their own banks but transfers the money to other countries as well. When will this money be tracked and blacklisted?

Ban on benawa.com and tolafghan.com

The recent ban on one of the widely read news websites covering afghan news is a sign of the involved criminal powers within the government of Afghanistan protected by Hamid Karzai.
Ban on media is a threat to the democratic progress that the country is struggling with. Warlords and ministers who are following orders of involved parties with interests to prevent exposure of their misdeeds and are covering up for each others. Marshall Fahim who is also VP in the government became angry when benawa.com and tolafghan.com published reports of his death. The two mentioned websites received second hand information and was not able to control the validity of it. When revealed that Fahim was still alive the two websites published a correction in accordance with good journalistic custom. This little incident was the reason for Fahim to forward complaints to the minister of Information to ban benawa.com and tolafghan.com.
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