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Let the Afghans determine their own future

Corrupt Afghan Government

Corrupt Afghan Government

It seems to be clear for more and more people that the war in Afghanistan is not going exactly as they planned. The corrupt government backed up by the minority groups in Afghanistan as well as the bandits of the Northern Alliance is has not achieved what was expected from them. The corruption as well as the discrimination of wast majority of the Afghan population seems to be clear to even highly ranked officials of the NATO forces. Recently the “independent MP Andrew Wilkie says foreign troops, including Australians, should get out of Afghanistan even though that means more people will die”.

The very moment US forces started the war against Talibans the intervention as well as taking side in a multi-cultural and ethnic dispersed country created an unbalanced situation in Afghanistan. The majority of the populations were put aside and minority groups with previously no power what so ever came to rule over the majority. This situation is much different from the case in Iraq where Saddam Hussein’s government were oppressing the majority population could easily be settled down eventually, even when it came with a highly costly price for the people of Iraq.

A highly corrupted government where strong powers are backing up for each other, stealing the incoming international help together with the opium production money has created a situation where life in Kabul is as expensive as living in New York. Ordinary people with low salaries are not able to buy basic goods due to the high prices. People outside the capital are self-sufficient and not affected in the same manner.

What is important is that the recent escalation of attacks on international troops as well as the national army indicates that the days of these bandits and warlords are counted. Afghan people want to create the natural balance it once had where majority of the people can get access to the basic governmental functions.

Instead of intervening with a complex tribal society the international forces in Afghanistan should let Afghans determine their own future.

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