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Kabul Bank – Where are all the stolen western money is placed and gambled


It is funny that Kabul Bank has existed for so long. The very foundation of the bank is based on corrupted and malicious intentions. This is the where as the saying goes “I scratch your back and You scratch my back” is visualized into practice.  All the corrupt minister and  warlords are in one or the other way involved in this bank. It is founded thanks to “the black gold of Afghanistan” which is opium.

Money laundry is the core business and another area is to smuggle and sell valuable stones from Afghanistan to Europe and the rest of the world.

Aid money and international assistance fund that was intended to rebuild Afghanistan is directly placed into this bank and are canalized abroad. Dubai has been the sanctuary thanks to another company owned by the same corrupt governmental personalities and warlords. Pamir Airways is involved in the smuggling business both when it comes to valuable stones and money from Afghanistan to the west. The denominator for these new companies is the same people as for Kabul Bank. Sherkhan Farnood, Qasim Fahim and the brothers of Hamid Karzai.

In one way or the other is the brother of President Hamid Karzai, Vice President Qasim Fahim, brother and son of Ahmad Shah Massoud, Qanoni, Rabbani, Mohaqiq and many more involved in all these “new” companies.

Officially none of the above mentioned personalities are registered to have any income or very little income. The tradition has been to register all the companies and the wealth on a close relative. For instance President Hamid Karzai show an income and wealth on 11 000 US dollars, several companies and hundred of million US dollars are with his brothers.  The same goes for Qasim Fahim and all the other corrupt governmental officials.

Now finally the reality has reached Kabul Bank and thousands of people are standing on a line to withdraw their money from the bank due to the rumors that the bank is short of money.  Article such as “In Afghanistan, signs of crony capitalism” by The Washington Post, has unmasked the leading figures of Kabul Bank and Pamir Airways. Islamic Banking and professional Poker tournaments don’t go hand in hand.

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